How Do I Become A Member of FBC?

1. Express a desire to join First Baptist by:
   A. telling a pastor
   B. registering on a membership application card
   C. coming forward at the conclusion of a service and telling a pastor or counselor.

2. Attend one of our “Discover FBC” classes.

3. Have a membership conversation with a pastor.

4. Be presented for membership at the next quarterly church conference.


When you join a church, you are being adopted into a family. And the relationships to which you are committing yourself will bring glory to God. This is why, if you are a Christian, you should join a church. Joining this particular local church is an outward reflection of an inward love—for Christ and for His people. And, as we see so often in this life, the greatest love is rarely spontaneous; it is more often planned, premeditated, and characterized by commitment.

So, do not merely attend First Baptist Church (though you should attend), but commit to joining. Link arms with other Christians in obedience and for personal assurance, for mutual encouragement, for outreach to the lost, and for God’s Glory! Membership at FBC is a reflection of a living commitment and a corporate endorsement of a person’s salvation and cannot be maintained for sentimental reasons.

Incorporation into the church is both a glorious privilege and a practical help. Jesus said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). If Jesus is committed to the church, should we be any less committed to it?